Ember Candle Parties

Ember Candle Parties

Embers Candle Parties are available to book for events in 2020!

Invite your favourite people over for a relaxing get together in the comforts of your own home and learn the art of candle making.

Classes run for approximately 2 hours as we make a 200ml Monaco Glass candle,
Create a Candle Sand Jar and discuss the tricks of the trade!

Each guest will receive a pre-made Candle Making Kit which includes;
500g 100% Natural Soy Wax

*1x 200ml Monaco Glass
*1x Mason Jar
*2x 50ml bottles Fragrance Oils of your choosing 
2x 120ml Candle Tins
Cotton Wicks, Stickums, Popsticks & Warning Labels

PLUS our Host will receive a small gift

$90.00 pp all inclusive

*To be used during demonstration. *Fragrance chosen from our scents list - Aprx 15mls of your oil to be used. 

Ember Candles Parties; The Finer Details

 Minimum of 4 people per class, Each person needs a generous workspace at a waist height uncluttered bench or table.
Embers provide; Melting pots, Thermometers, Pouring jugs etc for the duration of the class along with
Soy wax, Liquid Dyes & Candle Sand used in the class. 
A cleared bench space with access to power is required.
BYO Aprons & Table Protection - Recommended

Email us to book today!

Each attendee must have returned their attendee information paperwork (emailed at time of booking) and have paid in full PRIOR to the class date. 

Current Class Options:
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays - 10.30am set up for an 11am start time
Saturdays - Flexible Times

We are happy to make some adjustments to ensure your event is special. 
Feel free to discuss any extras or changes you may like and we can quote you accordingly.

Ember Candle Parties
Ember Candle Parties