Rice Bran Wax Candles

Rice Bran Wax Candles

Rice Bran Wax Candles

Ember Candles imports from Japan these Rice Bran Wax Candles are handmade using the traditional techniques. These candles are perfect to use as decoration, or as special gift.

They are made with Rice Bran Wax and washi paper used for the core, these candles are handmade using traditional techniques.

They give very little smoke and a brighter light than modern paraffin candles. 

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Japanese Traditional Floral Candle Set

Product no.: E0039000000000003

$49.00 / unit(s) *
Delivery weight: 84 g

Japanese Candles - TORI set

Product no.: E0039000000000004

$35.00 / unit(s) *
Delivery weight: 78 g

Japanese Rice Bran Wax Candles

Product no.: E0039000000000010

$25.00 / unit(s) *
Delivery weight: 54 g
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